Veterans Information

If you are a veteran or widow of a veteran who served in a war, you may be eligible for a monetary program called Aid and Attendance. Our manager will put you in touch with the local VA director to complete necessary forms in order to determine if you could be eligible for this or any other VA benefits.

Please ask us about this benefit if you are a veteran or widow of a veteran.

For more information please visit the Veteran’s Administration Website.

Long Term Care Insurance

Do you have long term care insurance? Even if your policy states it will ONLY cover a nursing home, this may no longer be the case. If you meet the requirements of your policy, it may cover certified assisted living. Our manager will assist you in contacting your insurance company to investigate your benefits.

Companion Suites

At Whispering Oak Place, we’ve created an environment to meet almost any budget. Our two-bedroom apartments provide the option to share an apartment with a close friend, new friend, sibling or spouse. Each resident is responsible for their personal a la carte charges. Our companion suites provide all of the luxuries and amenities, at a much lower cost!

Pet Friendly

Whispering Oak Place Retirement Community is proud to be a pet friendly retirement community. Move to our community and bring your furry friend with you! Talk to our staff about our pet policy.

Tax Deductions

Section 213 of the Internal Revenue code allows deductions for medical care for an individual, spouse, or dependent if the expense exceeds 7.5% of the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income. The monthly fee of an Assisted Living Community is a medical expense. It further states that if a resident is living in an Assisted Living Community because of a medical condition which requires them to be there, and meals and lodging are furnished, then the cost is considered a medical care expense.

If the main reason for living in an Assisted Living community is for medical care, then that cost is a deductible medical expense. Please consult your tax advisor on this rule if you feel this would apply to your situation.